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Katherine DeClerq | Fulcrum Staff

“LET’S GO, U of O!”

Cheering is only one part of a sport fan’s mantra. The dedicated fan is loud, obnoxious, funny, and loves the Gee-Gees, even if they don’t quite understand the sport. You can spot them with a beer in one hand and a noise-making device in the other. They are the most popular and well-known people in the room—other than the players of course—and are a necessary part of our school spirit.

Here are the Fulcrum’s five steps on how to impress your friends and become the greatest Gee-Gees fan this university has ever seen.

Step 1: Get something garnet and grey
Unfortunately for us, our school colours aren’t the most popular ones in the store. Your best bet is to find a grey shirt and deck it out with garnet accessories—scarves, socks, and headbands. Luckily we have a campus bookstore that sells Gees attire, but really, anything goes.

Don’t forget to dress appropriately for the sport. If you are attending a football game, you may want to dress with a few garnet and grey layers while indoor basketball gives you a few more options.

Step 2: A little something extra

The fan attire may be important, but it’s what you do with it that makes you stand out. A little face paint goes a long way—a few grey stripes or black lines under the eyes will give that outfit a bit of extra flare. For the ladies, some dark red ribbon in the hair will make you look your peppiest. A tip for the gents: We all applaud your enthusiasm when you paint your bodies, but do choose the circumstances wisely.

Step 3: Creating a sign
It’s not all about what you wear. Sports Services hands out small posters that say “Go Gee-Gees Go!” but nothing says school spirit more than a pizza box transformed into a “uOttawa Kicks Ass” sign. Easy enough to make, all you need is some cardboard, paint, or a permanent marker. Who says school spirit has to be expensive?

Step 4: Recruitment
Get your friends involved. Sport games are more fun if you go in a pack. It also encourages pre-game activity which can get fans fired up and ready to cheer. The more people, the louder a game can be.

Step 5: Cheering
Everyone knows the “Ottawa U is hot to go,” or “[insert school name here] fuck you” cheers, and they are fantastic. But if you have a large enough group after completing step four, it would be nice to start hearing different cheers from the crowds—be creative and create your own. Constant screams of support go a long way and can even give the team the motivation it needs to get a win.