New U of O students are excited to attend Gee-Gees games for the first time and of course to hopefully experience Panda. Photo: Parker Townes/Fulcrum
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Students looking forward to seeing a lot of Gee-Gees wins this season

The school year has just begun, and while most students are getting ready for their classes, Gee-Gees athletes are preparing for a new season after nearly two years of training in preparation for the day that they are able to compete.

One thing I personally was really excited about in my first year at the University of Ottawa was going to games with my friends and showing our Gee-Gees spirit. I was so happy to finally be attending a school where people would go and cheer on their athletes. Last year we were all deprived of this excitement and school spirit, but we are back!

While sporting events might look a little different this year — ticket sales are exclusively happening online, for instance, and proof of vaccination is mandatory when attending games — it is still exciting to know that this part of the university experience will continue for the 2021-22 academic year.

Having said that, the Fulcrum thought it would be a good idea to ask students who are new to campus what they are most excited about when it comes to Gee-Gees sports events. 

Second-year biotechnology student, Juan Roque, says he enjoys watching sports and is excited to be able to go to games and support the Gee-Gees. Roque also mentioned that he is excited about meeting new people. 

If you’re a third- or fourth-year student, you might remember the rush of the Panda Game or Capital Hoops Classic in 2019-20, when our Gee-Gees made us proud.

However, the university has yet to confirm whether students will be able to rush to the field or return to the stands for this upcoming season.

“I mean if it happens, [Panda] would be the main event I’m looking forward to,” Roque said in an interview.

Gabrielle Haidar, a first-year social science student, said in an interview that she really likes rugby and used to play it in Quebec. “I have some friends from CEGEP that made the team, so I’m excited to see them and support them.”

Haidar’s friend William Twolan, also in his first year, said he’s excited to see the U of O vs. Carleton rivalry in person. 

Jenna Mendlowicz, a second-year student, wasn’t able to witness any Gee-Gees sporting events in her first year. This year, she’s excited for things to go back to normal and to make new friends.

“I know the [Panda] Game is really big, I’m not sure if that’s happening … either way, meeting people, there’s so many people there so you obviously are able to meet new people.”

Mendlowicz says she is also excited about joining intramural sports with her friends, like ultimate frisbee. 

With in-person attendance confirmed for regular-season games, it will be exciting to see the stands filled with garnet and grey. Students are thrilled to have the opportunity to go out and support their Gee-Gees athletes once again.