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Creation of Sports Services Advisory Committee sparks discussion

IN FEBRUARY, THE Student Federation of the University of Ottawa (SFUO) will partner with Sports Services to create the Sports Services Advisory Committee. The committee will meet three to four times per year and review student feedback regarding sports activities and services at the university.

“[The committee will] talk about ways in which Sports Services can improve its services to students and also review the budget and talk about priorities for the year mostly from a student perspective,” explained Elizabeth Kessler, vp university affairs of the SFUO.

“There have been a few things over the last few years that have come up, issues … such as the accessibility of the pool, for example, women-only hours, things like that. “

Students currently pay $202.02 in fees for access to the gym and its services, and Kessler believes this advisory committee will allow students to offer their opinion as to how that money should be spent.

The committee will be made of representatives from varsity athletics, competitive clubs, the SFUO, the Graduate Student Association, a student at large, a varsity coach, the campus recreation program manager, the Sports Services director, someone from the school spirit committee, and a representative for the university itself.

“This is something we have talked to Sports Services about for a long time, and this is the time where they seemed most open to the project and we were able to have a discussion about how it would happen,” said Kessler.

The SFUO will soon advertise for the student-at-large position on the Sports Services Advisory Committee. Any student can apply.

—Katherine DeClerq