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ASICS GEL-Exalt Running shoe


While a lot of runners’ eyes widen at frivolous bells and whistles when purchasing their footwear, I tend to go for something a little more streamlined. That’s why this has been my running shoe of choice for the last couple of years. Although some might be put off by its simple design and industrial colour scheme, this running shoe is surprisingly comfortable with a rear foot gel cushioning system. The GEL-Exalt also scores points for durability. These puppies have maintained their structural integrity after I have dragged them through rain, snow, mud, and other kinds of hazardous terrain. Because of this, the ASICS GEL-Exalt should be the gold standard for any jogging connoisseur.

—Kyle Darbyson

Saucony Hurricane 16


I found out I have pronation of the foot—my feet roll inwards while I run—so I need a stable shoe to keep me running straight. I also have a heavier build, so my feet need all the support and cushioning they can get. I was recommended the Saucony Hurricane 14, and I still purchase the same model when my old pair grows tired. What makes the run effortless, and the Saucony Hurricane a great shoe, is how my arches are always supported. This constantly helps me push myself further in my training. They also come in fun bright colours, which for me is a great plus.

—Jessica Eritou

Nike Free 5.0


I’ve been purchasing Nike Free running shoes since they were first put on the market. This year’s model is extremely light, and perfect for wide feet. The 5.0s are flexible and have ground gripping soles. This shoe however, is not supportive in the ankles, so I wouldn’t be playing any intense sports or running a marathon in them. I believe they are the closest things to barefoot running, but with the comfort of slippers. Overall, the Nike Frees are perfect for my daily runs, and they come in a great selection of colours.

—Sarah Nolette

Asics Gel Foundation 9


When I first wore the Asics Gel Foundation, it felt as if I was running on clouds, but I could feel every step under me comfortably. I have over-pronating feet, so arch support is important when I purchase a pair of shoes. I would highly recommend these sneakers if you have pronation of the foot. The Asics are slightly stiff, but it took a short amount of time to break them in. I’ve had these babies for more than five years, and I use them for running, volleyball, and training. They also fit comfortably with my ankle braces when needed. Overall, I love these shoes and I will be replacing them soon with another pair.

—Marta Kierkus