FNS burger
*Homer Simpsons food craving sounds*. Photo: Hailey Otten/Fulcrum
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What’s your favourite Father and Sons order?

As a University of Ottawa student, I feel that there is some sort of spell put on us that makes us go to Father and Sons for literally any occasion. 

Tough day at work and need a brew? Father and Sons. Hungover from the night before and need a cheap, balanced breakfast? Father and Sons. Absolutely nothing happened but you want a bite or a drink (or both)? Father and Sons. 

And, as a student-athlete, I would say that my post-practice need for a drink means a trip to Father and Sons. But, since Father and Sons is also a convenient distance from my house and the Fulcrum office, I can’t get through my day without the urge to drop in. 

Honestly, the amount of my money Father and Sons has taken should be a crime. 

Not just mine: my boss’ and plenty of Gee-Gees athletes have spent a fair amount of time at Father and Sons, and here are their favourite orders. 

Cole Newkirk, a second-year to the Gee-Gees basketball team, goes for hot and honey wings. 

“No other wings can compete with them,” Newkirk said. 

From the women’s basketball team, Brigitte Lefebvre-Okankwu is someone who makes the best out of her breakfast order. 

“Breakfast special, scrambled, bacon, and extra home fries with extra seasoning,” Lefebvre-Okankwu said. 

Extra seasoning is definitely a high-IQ play. Definitely, something I’ll try next time I get home fries. 

Gee-Gees cheerleader, Reese Handley, enjoys the breakfast special as well. 

“I love breakfast, and I feel like it gives me the best variety of breakfast foods,” Handley said. 

Dante Lafontaine, a veteran on the men’s ultimate team, has quite the sophisticated dinner order. 

“I’ve tried almost everything,” Lafontaine said, landing on the “buffalo chicken caesar wrap with a pint of Belgian Moon.” 

And, in case you were wondering, “my favourite appetizer is the buffalo cauliflower.” Our EIC: the breakfast steak cooked medium rare with no eggs, extra home fries. 

Now, I must ask, what’s your favourite menu item at Father and Sons?