The Gees have cheered for a number of teams over the years. Image: Hailey Otten/Fulcrum
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Imagine being a Habs fan right now 

I’ve been made fun of for cheering for the Minnesota Wild, because “they suck,” or “really? They actually have fans?”

They do, in fact, have fans: I’ve loved the team since seeing them live in the Xcel Energy Center with my dad when I was just a kid. 

The Wild won that game, and it was the first time I had seen a professional game in person. It stuck with me. They’re my favourite team, and I haven’t changed my mind since even though it literally hurts sometimes. 

At least I’m not our editor-in-chief — I wouldn’t want to be a Habs fan this time around.

Speaking of. 

Nicolas Ouellet, a forward on the Gee-Gees men’s hockey team, happens to be a Montreal Canadiens fan himself. 

“I live close to Montreal and I went to the Bell Center once or twice a year,” Ouellet said. “As a kid, I remember the energy and the special feeling from the crowd… Every time I go to see a game I still get that feeling.” 

There is no doubt that this is a tough year to a Canadiens fan, but there have still been some incredible moments in recent history, including the team’s playoff run last year. They made it all the way to the Stanley Cup final, where they lost in five games to the Tampa Bay Lightning. 

“Last year when they went for the Stanley Final, I almost cried,” Ouellet said. “The overtime goal by Lehkonen against Vegas in the semi-final was pretty special.” 

Another team that isn’t doing too hot lately is the New York Giants. 

Even so, a third-year student on the men’s volleyball team, Malcolm Spence, has stayed loyal to the team. 

“They have always been my favourite team to watch, especially when beating Tom Brady twice in the Super Bowl,” Spence said. “Even though they suck right now I am still a diehard fan and always will be.” 

We cannot leave out the most important part about Spence and the Giants. 

“I even have a cat named after one of the players.”

We love Eli. 

As far as football goes, we’re approaching the Super Bowl. 

Anyone who has been watching this postseason knows that it has been nothing less than crazy. During the conference championship round, there was a lot of stress. 

I’m sure that one of the wide receivers on the Gee-Gees football team felt that during the Rams and 49ers matchup. 

Rodney Estimé grew up cheering for the San Francisco 49ers and still does. 

They just couldn’t pull it off — better luck next year.

While we’re on the topic of championships, Josh Inkumsah from the men’s basketball team is a proud fan of the Toronto Raptors. His favourite player is legend Chris Bosh. 

“My favourite memory of the Raptors is them winning the NBA title,” Inkumsah said. 

Growing up in Barrie, he was able to make the trip and see home games. 

“My family and I would catch some home games and watch them play,” Inkumsah said.  

Some Gee-Gees athletes have grown up admiring teams outside of the big four leagues. 

Meredith Sirrs, a player on the University of Ottawa’s women’s rugby team, didn’t watch the NBA or NFL or leagues of sorts. 

“The first team I felt drawn to and became a fan of was the Canadian women’s sevens team when they won bronze at the 2016 Rio Olympics,” Sirrs explained. 

This was the first time rugby was in the Olympics so not only did this team make history, they became role models for young rugby players in Canada. 

“Watching them play with such passion, intention, and power was inspiring and mesmerizing, to say the least.” 

The team even inspired Sirrs to play rugby at the elite level. 

“I am definitely still a fan of the team for their passion and commitment to the sport but also for their commitment to equity, diversity, and social justice,” Sirrs explained. “They do a great job of using their platform to speak out about important issues like Indigenous rights, the Black Lives Matter movement and much more.”

Another rugby team that has caught the attention of the Gee-Gees is the Scottish National Rugby Team. 

Gees men’s rugby player, Keiran Blair, watched the team when he was a child becoming interested in the sport. 

“My favourite player growing up was Greig Laidlaw, who plays the same position as I have played growing up, so it was inspiring for me to watch him play,” Blair said. “To this day I watch as many games of theirs as I can.” 
“With the Guinness Six Nations starting this weekend, Scotland takes on England and I’ll definitely be rooting for Scotland.”