Gee-Gee Football players
Athletes have had to accept the fact that their seasons are most likely cancelled at this point. Image: Dasser Kamran/Fulcrum.
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Four U of O student-athletes share what has kept them motivated during the pandemic 

By now, many student-athletes have adjusted to the fact their seasons have been cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Without games and tournaments to look forward to, it can be difficult to motivate yourself to train. Changes in everyday life can make it hard to stay motivated in school, work, and sport. Some Gee-Gees athletes shared the things that have been keeping them motivated throughout the situation. 

For Anthony Grigg, a member of the football team, a flip in mindset allows him to keep putting in effort. 

“The motivation comes from not looking at this pandemic as a setback, but as an opportunity to just get better. There is more than enough time now to be in the gym getting bigger, stronger, faster, and [to] work on my craft.” 

Jacob Hanlon, a forward on the men’s hockey team, credited his teammates for his motivation. 

“For about one hour a day when we are practicing together, I am able to completely be in the present moment. I can compete and have fun with my teammates without thinking about the pandemic,” Hanlon said. 

“Even though our season is cancelled, being on the ice together and being there for each other has made it easier to adapt to this new reality.” 

As student-athletes, sports are not the only thing on the list of responsibilities for these Gee-Gees. Work, school, and other aspects of life are still incredibly important. 

Hitting the ice with the women’s hockey team is what helps motivate Sophie Gareau. 

“During this time, what keeps me motivated is that I can look forward to hockey practice every day. Being able to get out of the house, go to the rink and do something I love is the one thing I look forward to when I wake up,” Gareau said. 

“I can say that our daily practices take my mind off all the school work I have, and keeps me motivated during this pandemic.”

“Practice is very different from last year because of the circumstances, but it gives us all the chance to work on our individual skills and enjoy ourselves,” she added. 

Janelle Godin used the situation as a way to evaluate her ringette career. 

“The isolation of quarantine actually provided me with the objectivity and distance to evaluate my life including my ringette career, and realize what I want to work on improving,” Godin said. 

“Going for runs around the neighbourhood and following team workouts also make me look forward to returning to Ottawa and hitting the ice again in January!”