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 Victoria’s Secret: The Standout


I was on the market for some new sports bras for my five-kilometre run training. I have a curvier frame with a well-endowed bosom, so I prefer maximum support. Victoria’s Secret is known for their undergarments, pajamas, and lingerie, so I was hesitant about their sports line, but I gave it a go. This one’s a push-up, which had me worried about my breasts hitting my chin. Indeed, it’s a little excessive at first, but at the same time it made me feel sexy. When I trained in it for the first time, I couldn’t believe the difference. The bra moulds to your shape and gives you the coverage and support you’ve always wanted, and the four-way stretch banding gives you the utmost comfort. The straps don’t dig and are adjustable with a cross-body backing. For the first time in my life I could run in comfort and ease, and not worry about a thing.

—Jessica Eritou



 Lululemon: All Sport


It’s stretchy, it’s smooth, and it’s soft. But most of all, Lululemon’s All Sports Bra keeps my girls locked down and secure. This bra is hands down my favourite piece of athletic wear. Throughout my life of high-intensity basketball and running, it’s been impossible to find a sports bra that’s comfortable, holds everything in place, and doesn’t irritate my skin. The All Sport Bra has thick cross-back straps that are supportive and don’t dig into my shoulders during physical activity. I love the sweat wick fabric that stretches around my body and fits like second skin. This bra is compressive, but I never get the uni-boob look. It keeps my shape and flatters my body. The flat seams across the entire bra ensure no chaffing. This is probably the best feeling in the world after a two-hour basketball practice.

—Sarah Nolette



 Lululemon: Flow Y IV


Buried under a mound of homework and responsibility, you have one concern as you pick out what you’re going to wear: comfort. Although this bra isn’t my first pick for intensive exercise, the Flow Y sports bra offers optimal comfort. The fun colours will remind you of better days when you bought it because you were “going to stay fit this winter.” Its design is simple yet stylish, with thin straps and a playful mesh panel. The bra feels great under that TNA sweatshirt you swore you’d never wear again. It even has a slick side pocket to hold your student card when you finally make it to the school gym. Comfort can be costly, but it’ll be worth it as you finish selecting an outfit of stretchy, overpriced bliss. Only now can you face the challenges ahead.

—Nadia Drissi El-Bouzaidi



New Balance: Heidi Klum Hottie


It’s exhausting to get through a game or workout with a tight-fitting sports bra. It just makes me want to shred it to pieces like the Hulk. But I bear with the sweaty, sticky, and itchy feeling. Taking it off is another story, and a hassle I wouldn’t like to share. But on one of my shopping excursions I found it: the perfect sports bra. It was tough. Going through bra after bra, enduring that same tight-fitting, distressing feeling like I did before. But after spending at least half an hour at the store, there it was: a purple bra meant for yoga. Heidi Klum’s New Balance bra provides support, comfort, and flexibility. It’s more affordable than most brands, and simply the best. Besides, look at the name—it’s not just for comfort, it looks great too.

—Christine Tomlinson



 Nike: Pro Classic 


This is my go to bra for all my sports, be it running, skiing, volleyball or field hockey. It’s comfortable when I work out and the fabric is super smooth. It keeps me feeling cool during the hottest and sweatiest of hot yoga classes. I think it’s perfect for medium, and high impact workouts, but I sometimes even find myself wearing it around the house.  This nike bra has a thick band under the breasts and racer back straps. Both features keeps everything locked down without any pressure to my body. Plus, I absolutely love the colours and designs these bras come in. Nike has such a wide variety.

Marta Kierkus