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How Fulcrum staffers kept active during the dog days of summer

This summer, I decided to run a half-marathon; 21.1 kilometers. And yes, people get mad if you forget that extra 100 meters. It happens that knowing you’re going to be running that distance makes 5k training runs seem a lot less awful by comparison. Eventually, I was able to get into good enough shape to (slowly) finish the race. Not having been much of a runner before, I was surprised by the level of community surrounding the race. There was a lot of support from people watching, especially in the form of amusing signs such as, “It seemed like a good idea in October!” Besides, you get a shirt that says “ half-marathon” on it. Once I scratch out that “half” part, I can really start impressing people!

Eric Davidson, News Editor

Joining a co-ed soccer team this summer reminded me why my childhood sport is the most popular in the world. My return to the soccer pitch after a two-year retirement was a bit rough at first, but I’m in better shape now than when I started university.

I come from the West Coast where the soccer season runs from September to March, so playing in the sweltering heat took some getting used to. Over the past two years, I’ve tried my hand at a number of different activities, but like clockwork, I shut down once the snow comes. This year I plan to extend my soccer season as long as possible, in hopes of overcom- ing the winter hibernation that so many of us succumb to.

Nadia Drissi El-Bouzaidi, Editor-in-Chief

I lived on my bike this summer. Why not, it’s a great way to get outdoors, and there are plenty of things to see. Day trips with my bike in the trails of Campbell River, B.C. where I recently moved are rewarding. Not only am I getting a great view of mountains, lakes, and even the ocean, but I can see wildlife as well. There are plenty of trails around where I live, and all it takes is to put my bike in the car and go explore.

I usually try to hit up a lake as well and take an afternoon dip, to cool off.

Biking can also be great with friends, or solo. That’s why I’ve decided it’s one of the best ways to stay fit without having to hit the gym.

Sarah Nolette, former Sports Editor

For the last five years I’ve been laying brick and doing landscaping. Not only have I found that it’s a great way to make money, but it’s also a fantastic full-body workout. It really tests your endurance and cardio capabilities. It’s safe to say interlock has made me into the man I am today.

Aside from that I’ve been playing pickup football games every Saturday afternoon, and beach volleyball on Sundays with friends and family.

Devin Orsini, Production Manager