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Illustrations: Jaclyn McRae-Sadik.
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Just in time for back to school, Fulcrum staffers give you some suggestions on the different types of athletic shoes you can pick up to start your semester off on the right foot.


When looking for the right pair of shoes, the two things to take into consideration are what terrain you will be using the shoe on and what activity you need it for. Some other important factors to look at when buying a new pair of running shoes is durability, comfort, and style. Your running routine can be made easier with a proper fitting shoe.

Available in both men’s and women’s sizes, the Under Armour SpeedForm Apollo 2 is an improved version of the Under Armour Apollo.

This pair is simple and solid, and lightweight to reduce distraction while you’re running. It emphasizes comfort with a foam-infused heel and provides great arch support. You can pick this pair up at Foot Locker for $89.99, which is a reasonable price point for such a quality shoe.

—Zainab Al-Mehdar, Associate News Editor


If you are looking for a shoe you can use to train with as well as run in, a cross-training shoe is the best way to go. This type of footwear combines both aspects, and can maximize performance and prevent injuries while lifting weights.

The Nike Free Train Force Flyknit will allow you to lift weights comfortably and hit the road for a run with stability. This pair, which also comes in men’s and women’s sizes, offers support during lateral movements, a sturdy fit and ankle support with its mid-rise collar, and rubber reinforcement on the outsole adds traction and stability.

This pair can also be found at Foot Locker for $149.99, which is slightly pricey, but getting effectively two shoes in one will help justify the price.

—Zainab Al-Mehdar, Associate News Editor


There is no rule saying that athletic shoes can only be used for athletic activities, it’s perfectly acceptable to wear them casually and stay in fashion. Nike’s Free line offers plenty of cute shoes that can take your gym-casual look to the next level. They all come in classic black and white, perfect for any outfit, as well as a variety of other fun colours and patterns to dress it up!

The Nike Free TR Fit 5.0 is a great choice for an everyday shoe, and you’ll love its sleek look and comfortable fit. You can pick it up on Nike’s website for $130 with free shipping, or find slightly cheaper or more expensive shoes from the Free line at Foot Locker or Sport Chek.

—Kim Wiens, Production Manager


Whether you’re a pickup Steph Curry or the LeBron James of intramural ball, you need a good shoe that will hold up through a lot of wear and tear.

If you play outdoors on concrete, you should probably walk right past the Jordans, because no one should pay over $200 for a shoe to get torn up in a couple of months.

Instead, pick up something that is going to give you good support and mobility, but will also be able to take a beating at the outdoor court.

The same rules apply for indoor playing. Although they may hold up longer, you don’t need professional shoes unless you play like a pro, so just save the money and get something that’s good and affordable.

The Nike Zoom Without A Doubt definitely fits this mold, coming in at a solid $100 at Foot Locker with a handful of classic colour combinations.

—Spencer Murdock, Sports Editor