annalise mathers

For his work, Pelletier uses soft pastels, not exactly the sidewalk chalk we grew up with. Throughout his career, he’s moved around the Market, but has established himself most as the guardian keeping vigil outside Sugar Mountain.

Philanthropic club engages campus and community in service  Photo courtesy of Hadi Wess Activities on campus that seem to go unnoticed often pack the biggest punch. Seek to Speak  is a non-profit philanthropic organization with roots at the University of Ottawa and in countries around the world. The club’s mission is to engage the public …

Many of us have daily rituals of self-examination that include fat-poking, long periods of mirror-peering, and occasional thoughts of disdain towards our bodies.

With new friends, fierce parties, tiny showers, and greasy hangover breakfasts, rez life is sure to form some of your fondest first-year memories.

Not sure what to do this weekend in Ottawa? The Fulcrum’s got you covered with the weekend rundown. We’ll fill you in on the hottest restaurants, the coolest shows, and the exciting things going on around town so you can make the most out of your weekends.

Why tonight? As a student, you have free admittance Thursdays between 5 and 8 p.m. While this freebie doesn’t include special exhibits, there’s more than enough to see in the general galleries. You can easily spend three hours browsing premier Canadian, contemporary, international, and indigenous artwork, photography, and prints.

We’ve got six weeks left until exams, and while hitting the books is imminent, make sure you take the time to check out some of the amazing events happening on campus and throughout the city. This weekend’s rundown will get you back into gear for the last half of the semester.