Blue Jays

The Jays are in flight for a very different 2020 season due to COVID-19. The MLB a usually very conservative league has taken advantage of the pandemic to try out new rules and a new playoff format. It’s still unknown if the MLB will be able to complete its ambitious 60-game 2020 season but one thing for sure baseball has changed.

Many professional athletes also feel that the femininity and therefore the validity of a woman is questioned the minute she enters sports. As former Olympic gold medallist in downhill skiing Kerrin Lee-Gartner identifies, the competitiveness needed to compete is celebrated among young boys, but frowned upon for young girls.

While these players will never be made into bobbleheads, or find themselves immortalized on giant advertisements outside of Rogers Centre, their importance shouldn’t be diminished. During the middle and late innings of baseball games they represent the margin of error for the Blue Jays – the difference between an expected victory and a disastrous loss

Franchise will surprise many on way to playoffs this season Photo credit: Paul Gorbould (CC) The look on Jose Reyes’ face on April 13 last year after awkwardly sliding into second base summed up the Blue Jays’ highly anticipated season: agony. The severe ankle sprain limited the shortstop to only 93 games for the season, …