britta schiemann

Ottawa has a lot to offer for each one, but if you still can’t decide, maybe one of these student accounts will sway you toward some of the many trails and paths located around the city.

It sounds daunting at first, but all runners started with a mere 5 km at one point. I remember my first run like it was yesterday—I was barely two minutes from home and I was exhausted!

The worst part of tobogganing when you were little was dragging your sled back up the hill. Now that you’re older, you can appreciate what walking uphill will do to your glutes. It’s a calorie burner too—one hour of tobogganing can work off 345 calories.

“No big deal,” I thought as I swung open the door. Looking back at me were some extremely fit women, and I was intimidated, to say the least.

What your body needs is food packed with nutrients and energy to keep you going without crashing after a few hours.

It’s easy to see how kale can be intimidating—it’s large, leafy, and near impossible to stuff into a plastic produce bag—but you won’t regret picking up a bundle at the grocery store.