Code of Conduct

When it comes to the fate of the remaining 22 players of University of Ottawa men’s hockey team and their now non-existent 2015–16 season, the actions of the university administration have been deeply divisive.

Rumours about an impending student code of conduct have been circulating since Allan Rock took office as university president in 2008. Over the years, elected Student Federation of the University of Ottawa (SFUO) officials have raised concerns that students should not be penalized academically for non-academic infractions. Since 2008, Rock has responded to these concerns …

“Ought there to be a code of conduct?” the taskforce asked, according to Rock. “If so, how should it be developed, what should it look like, how would it be administered, and what role does the university have in the responding to behaviour off-campus or in behaviour that’s not related to the academic role of the university?”