On Nov. 19, Helbig will be visiting the U of O to do a talk based on his photobook Beautiful Destruction. The book contains 200 aerial photographs of the Alberta oil and tar sands, and essays by 15 different contributors, including leader of the Green Party Elizabeth May as well as Globe and Mail journalist Eric Reguly.

Throughout this current election, a number of politicians have jumped on board the electoral reform bandwagon, with a number of mainstream political parties promising this kind of change in their electoral platforms. But what is it about our current system that has three opposition parties calling foul?

It would be incredibly difficult for the Conservatives to dismiss her views and charge her with embarking on a smear campaign in order to win the next federal election. If she were power hungry, she would join a different party.

ELIZABETH MAY, LEADER of the Green Party of Canada and the first member of the party to sit in the House of Commons, is coming to the University of Ottawa to speak to students on March 5. The University of Ottawa Greens, who organized the event, invited May to answer the question, “Is Canada failing …