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Meet Toluwalope Makinde—or Tolu, as most people know him—member of the men’s varsity track and field team at the University of Ottawa. Finishing up his last year at the Telfer School of Management, this quick-footed Gee-Gee—not to mention former national and provincial youth champion in the 200-metre dash—is bursting with talent both on and off the field.

Student travels to the Philippines for an international internship  Photo by Tina Wallace This school year, Hang Tran met people from all over the world and gained hands-on experience working in a field she hopes to make into a career. AIESEC is a non-profit student-run organization found in more than 144 countries around the world. …

U of O improv team to compete at Cracking up the Capital comedy festival  Photo courtesy of Kristine Shadid It takes a special kind of performer to work without prep time and the pressure of having no idea what’s going to happen until it’s happening. The University of Ottawa improv team handles this pressure all the …

Let’s focus on keeping tuition fees close to where they are now and supply all students with the resources they need to afford school, but let’s also put our efforts into perspective.

Was Facebook at fault for using that photo without permission? The answer is a definite yes, and Facebook obviously realized this given their hasty response in taking it down. But the fault is not theirs alone.

It’s fall, which means it’s time to get ready to avoid the outdoors and start planning your television schedule. We can help you with that.

I believe the capture of any animal for entertainment purposes should be considered “morally unacceptable,” regardless of how intelligent we believe them to be. No animal should be forced, for our own entertainment, to live within a confined enclosure outside of their natural environment except if they are injured, sick, endangered, or abandoned.

Let’s face it: studying is probably the least amount of fun you’ll have in university, so you might as well make the most of it by finding the ideal place to get down to business. Thankfully, the university campus is abundant in ideal study hotspots—as long as you know where to look.

If Ross had come out and said, “put LSD all in her champagne,” I doubt the song would have even made it onto the shelf. The term “molly,” another word for ecstasy, explains why some people not well-versed in slang might miss the date rape reference.

If you’re not going to show up at group meetings or you intend on doing only the bare minimum, I can deal with that. But showing your face on the day our project is handed back and treating me like your best buddy is just a slap in the face.

With quality TV programming like Full House and YTV’s Hit List; dial-up modems; music from Nirvana, Alanis Morissette, and Britney Spears; and fashion greats—who needed a belt, when you had a sweater to tie around your waist?—the ‘90s were years like no other.

…schools are jumping the gun in considering ditching cursive writing. It may fall into disuse eventually, but for the time being it should remain a vital part of learning in elementary school.

Here, the Fulcrum looks at dietary choices, like eating organic, local, and seasonal, and seeks to understand how the snacks and meals we choose impact the world around us.

Most students are weary of adding cable costs to their already long list of expenses, especially when most of the shows they want can be found online for free. Tivli, a newly developed cable subscription service, is attempting to make university-aged students recognize the benefits of having cable television without asking them to trade in their iPads for a TV.

We asked students to come up with some of the best lessons they picked up in first semester that they plan on carrying into the winter one.

If I had the capability to make it so that food was always the lowest price and the highest quality, I would gladly oblige; but such a feat is beyond my capabilities. Yet no matter how many times I try to explain this, I still end up with a disgruntled customer waving a hunk of meat in my face.

The latest trend is for parents to sit their infants down while they’re too young to understand anything and film themselves explaining, “No, Santa’s not real, but we’re all going to pretend he is for the next nine years. We just don’t want to lie to you.” When kids’ Christmas bubbles are burst a few years down the line, the parents whip out the recording to prove they never betrayed their offspring’s trust. Legit, or a little cray?

While friends and family usually top the list, here are a few more unconventional things people are grateful for.

Through my many years of attending and hosting holiday parties, I have picked up a few tips that will help you and your guests enjoy all that delicious food, without the post-holiday pounds.

… it’s not just the words “thank you” that are needed, but the sentiment behind them. Any expression can be made empty and meaningless if there is no authenticity to go along with it.

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