Eric Wilkinson

From a broader perspective, it seems like these recent program restructuring plans are part of an ongoing attempt by the university administration to convert our liberal arts institution into a vocational school.

In retrospect, much of the difficulties faced by western forces in Afghanistan were the result of a wrong-headed approach to the conflict. Airstrikes that often failed to sufficiently distinguish between enemy combatants and civilians galvanized opposition among civilians both within Afghanistan and back at home.

As I looked at one VHS in particular, I began thinking back to the documentaries we watched in class at my old high school, and then a thought struck me: We don’t teach politics enough.

Mathias MacPhee

So, for something that is only meant to brighten your day, why are people so divided on their feelings for memes? The Fulcrum asked two writers to sit down and hash things out.

Regardless of political finger-pointing or posturing, the events that transpired in Montreal are a tragedy. No matter how careful we are to tone down our rhetoric or find common ground in the wake of a crisis, there will always be individuals whose motivations we cannot fully understand.