Stunt videos needed to keep ownership of user content Photo: CC-Ed  Gregory, Edits by Kim Wiens This week Facebook announced its decision to collect user photos, videos and information beginning early next year to steal users data for their own use.  This move has lead to a high volume of legal declarations on Facebook feeds, …

When your potential employer Googles you someday, what do you want them to see: a locked-down Facebook profile with nothing but your name, or a picture of a dedicated young professional who’s active, engaged, and enthusiastic?

I’m the guy behind you. And I’m here because I want to succeed in my courses, and your online shopping experience is making that decidedly difficult. Who knows, you might even find the lecture interesting if you cared to look up from your screen — what a novel idea.

I don’t know if I expected angels to sing, doves to cry, or something special to happen, but the act of logging out was surprisingly anti-climactic. However the four months that followed my social media absence was anything but.

Was Facebook at fault for using that photo without permission? The answer is a definite yes, and Facebook obviously realized this given their hasty response in taking it down. But the fault is not theirs alone.

Cindy Gallop gave the Fulcrum the lowdown on her experiences as an entrepreneur, her thoughts on porn, and how you can make 2.5 million bucks doing what (or who) you love.

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