Food Services

“We want students to feel like it’s not just a dining location, it’s a place where people can socialize, make new friends, and work together,” said Patrick Genest, director of Food Services.

A COMMITTEE MADE up of members of Food Services, Housing Service, the Student Federation of the University of Ottawa (SFUO), and more is deliberating on how to improve the U of O’s food services. “As campus stands right now, Food Services are unable to keep up with demand,” said Patrick Genest, director of Food Services. …

Walking around campus this year, you might notice there are a lot of new options for where to eat. Bento Sushi moved out of the university centre (UCU) cafeteria and is now where the Upper Crust used to be, there is a new food truck under the Thompson- Fauteux overpass and the Faculty of Social Sciences building will soon be getting a bakery.