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The U of O finds new ways to defy the conventional everyday. Illustration: Rame Abdulkader
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Hummus-a-la-worm, just like how mom makes it!

The dining hall at the University of Ottawa is loved by everyone for their wide array of options, each one more delicious than the last. They offer soups, salads, made to order food, pasta and even have vegan options!

As of late they have added a new addition to their well loved and nutritious menu: bugs. Those tiny little critters add a massive punch of protein to any meal while also offering a bit of a crunch over all, elevating the dish to a whole other level.

One of their new dishes is hummus-a-la-worm. It’s made of fresh, definitely not frozen chickpeas with  a couple of worms in every bite.

Although Food Services released a statement saying they’ll be taking “corrective actions,” regarding the bugs found in meals, many students are now more satisfied than ever with the food options, and chefs at the dining hall show no sign of stopping with the delectable new delights.

“It’s so great because now I can enjoy hummus and celery for dinner while getting the protein I need,” said John Jockerson, a second-year Kinesiology student. “Helps me bulk up and not get scurvy at the same time.”

“It’s great knowing that even if my roommates don’t come down to the dining hall with me,  I’ll still have company!” exclaimed Laura Lecterson.”Even though I’ll have to eat the little guys eventually…”

The Tomato caught up with the head chef of the dining hall to get his comment. “We really want the kids to get their protein, and what better way to do it than to ensure that there are some bugs in everything they eat? Food Services doesn’t know what they’re talking about—bugs are the superfood of the future!”

A favourite among students looking to grab a quick snack, the dining hall serves broccoli sautéed in larvae. The larvae not only adds protein but also a unique smooth texture to the broccoli, making it even more delectable.

“I told my mom, if she can’t make the broccoli larvae, I’m moving out!” a first-year student, and off-campus resident told the Tomato. “I can’t go a day without it!”

The dining hall has also been experimenting with new ways to cook go-to meals.

“Hamburgers are a very common item at the dining hall, but we felt as though students are getting bored with them. So we decided to make pink hamburgers. The secret is you just cook them until the ice melts off the patty and they have the perfect most appetizing pink tint to them.” said sous-chef, Hattie Malarky.

The overwhelmingly positive attitude towards these changes have the dining hall looking into adding a new section called  “bug of the day.” This would feature a new insect-infused dish daily for students to enjoy.

The dining hall hopes to continue adding new and innovative options for U of O students, in spite of orders to stop from upper management. In the works, they have a new kind of milk, which has chunks in it to add a bit of texture. They also added spiders to their custom bar so people can enjoy a crunchy surprise in their omelettes every morning.

The U of O dining hall continues to surpass the expectations of every student. With a smiling, happy staff and food which even Gordon Ramsay tweeted was “(deliciously) foul” and “grossly unconventional” the dining hall has everyone asking the same question: why would anyone ever want to eat anywhere else?

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These photos by satisfied customers were uploaded to the University of Ottawa Class of 2022 Facebook group. Screenshots Via Oasika Sharma.