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It is no revelation that this school year has been difficult for all due to COVID-19. The pandemic for most, if not all, has brought on deeply entrenched senses of stress, anxiety and loneliness, so let’s check on each other to combat those feelings.

A PSUO-SSUO member protesting

It’s been more than a week now since the University of Ottawa’s support staff (PSUO-SSUO) went on strike following the breakdown of mediated talks with the University of Ottawa on Oct.15. The Fulcrum believes it’s time for the University to get back to the bargaining table and strike a fair deal with PSUO-SSUO members that does not involve significant cuts to members’ healthcare coverage.

A sign insulting Carleton

If the pandemic has made us realize anything as young adults is that our youth is precious and this virus is robbing us of valuable time we will never get back. The cancellation of the Panda Game, although a microcosm of the pandemic, helps us realize that good times are invaluable and should be cherished.

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