The Tomato

All fingers point to a very ghastly figure. Image: Dasser Kamran/Fulcrum
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“Without our managing editor Millie Cooper the rest of edboard has become unglued,” said Doodle

The Fulcrum’s Editorial Board has been reduced to only four members after the team received similar results from a personality quiz.

The Editorial Board, which is doing great, participated in a personality quiz for what they believed was for leisure. After sharing results among each other, however, several members went missing and only four remained.

“It was confusing,” said Charlsey Doodle, the Fulcrum’s editor-in-Chief, who three previous members received as a result. “Almost instantly, their names were removed from the “edboard 2020-21” Slack group chat and we haven’t heard from them in days.”

While the Editorial Board is still functioning as normal —  though with additional stress — many members are missing their colleagues.

Di Daniels, a part-time private investigator and fourth-year sociology student, was personally hired by Doodle to investigate the disappearance of over half the editorial board.

“There’s been suspicious paranormal activity going on behind the scenes,” said Daniels. “It was never anything too worrisome, but I believe this disappearance correlates to something serious and mysterious.”

The remaining Editorial Board has faith in Daniels’ capabilities but still remains worried about their former members’ whereabouts.

“I still haven’t gotten all of the possible answers on the personality quiz,” said Jannine McPeasant. “I wanted to get Sam.”