A look at the conflict between Israel and Palestine Photo courtesy of Wickey-nl (CC) As of July 26, there have been over 1,000 reported Palestinian deaths, with at least 3,209 targets struck in Gaza. The majority of the dead are civilians, with Israel accused of numerous war crimes by the United Nations (UN). Conversely, Israel …

On Nov. 21, students at the University of Ottawa took part in a candlelight vigil, held on the steps of the university centre overlooking the Morisset Terrace. The vigil featured many speakers who discussed the violence that has taken place in Gaza in the past few weeks.

An exhibit titled A Child’s View from Gaza is currently on display at the University of Ottawa’s Café Alt and features artwork by child survivors of the 22-day assault on Gaza by the Israeli military in the winter of 2008-09.

While the Gaza-Israel conflict has been reported on constantly over the past week, it leaves many Canadians wondering what it means for us. Why should we be concerned about a conflict so far away from our country?