Live from the archives

From the waging of war to the negotiation of peace and the formation of institutions to maintain it, the Fulcrum has witnessed and documented it all since its establishment in 1942.

Based on numerous trips to the U of O’s archives and interviews with alumni, this is the unofficial history of the Fulcrum.

Canada’s past can show us how not to handle crises that happen today If all goes according to the Liberal government’s plan, 10,000 Syrian refugees will be admitted into our country before the year is out.  Unfortunately, many people are adamantly against the idea of letting refugees into the country, citing security concerns. A quick …

In its beginnings, the college team had many years of success. It joined the Quebec Rugby Football Union (QRFU) in 1894 and ended its first season in the union with a perfect 4-0 record.

Lumsden, who was born in London, Ont. and grew up in Toronto, enrolled at the University of Ottawa in 1972 and began playing for the Gee-Gees’ varsity football team.

Sara Lauzon, a third-year history student at the University of Ottawa, has made a name for herself in her hometown of Cornwall dealing with many issues of the city’s past that most have neglected.

FEBRUARY, THE SHORTEST and coldest month of the year, is home to Winterlude, Valentine’s Day, and—most importantly—Black History Month (BHM). Started by American Carter Woodsen in 1926, BHM was then known as Negro Week during the second week of February. Many years later we find ourselves celebrating significant people and events pertaining to the black …

THE MEDIUMS OF pornography have changed with the advent of new technologies, but the substance of the genre has remained similar over centuries. The use of erotic material, however, has not always been the same throughout time. Pornography as a term takes its root in Modern Greek. The word “pornographie” first appeared in the French …