"Stranger Tales" opens on Oct. 21 and will be running until the end of the month. Photo: Remi Yuan.
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The Haunted Walk of Ottawa introduces new, adventure-based attraction

Take a break from studying this reading week, and embrace the Halloween spirit with the Haunted Walk of Ottawa’s newest spine-tingling tour.

This year’s new attraction, titled “Stranger Tales: A Haunted Walk City Adventure” will run until Oct. 29, and takes an approach that’s very different from their normal guided tours. Participants are invited on a chilling adventure where they must solve clues, interview witnesses, and access the web to continue on their quest. Throughout this tour, participants can expect to hear eerie noises and meet unique characters as they wander through the moonlit streets of Ottawa.

Paola St-Georges, communication and events organizer for the Haunted Walk of Ottawa and University of Ottawa alumna, describes the “Stranger Tales” tour as “an urban adventure that’s inspired by (the Netflix original series) Stranger Things.”

Similar to Stranger Things, participants can expect to be bewildered and, at times, lost as they try to piece together the creepy series of events that will unfold before them.

According to Glen Shackleton, CEO and founder of Haunted Walks Inc., people who are not interested in a fast-paced event “can kind of do it their own way. Some people (may) want to make it as hard and challenging for themselves as possible and some people want to take it at an easy pace.”

Shackleton believes that this new adventure-based tour could help attract a wide variety of people to his company, since it’s “a mix between an escape room, a traditional haunted walk, maybe an urban scavenger hunt, and Pokémon GO.”

Before embarking on this journey, the tour guides suggest that all participants dress for the weather, and ensure that one person in every group has a cell phone with access to data.

The “Stranger Tales” adventure is the newest addition to a collection of tours offered by The Haunted Walk of Ottawa.

The Haunted Walk tours  were started in Kingston in 1995, and expanded to Ottawa a year later.

“I started it as a summer job for myself, thinking that I’d do this for two solid summers before getting a real job,” explains Shackleton. “It has just grown from there. So now we’re in all three cities: Kingston, Ottawa, and Toronto.”

So if you’re interested in solving puzzles and hearing stories that will give you goosebumps, or if you’re a fan of Stranger Things, then this Halloween adventure is for you.

To purchase tickets and to find out more, you can visit the Haunted Walk of Ottawa’s website.