The University of Ottawa has launched a scholarship fund to honour the three students who died in a plane crash near Tehran, Iran earlier this month. The scholarship fund is established in collaboration with the Canadian Science Policy Centre and the U of O will match all donations to the fund up to a maximum total of $100,000.

Members of the press were asked not to pry about Hoodfar’s time in prison, but she said the scariest part was her initial detainment in June. She explained she was unable to communicate with anyone, including her lawyer, and didn’t know what would happen next.

Canada has always been known for its peacekeeping political stance. This country has been referred to as an “honest broker” in its past relations with the Middle East. What does this sudden development between Canada and Iran mean regarding the future of this diplomatic tradition?

The Canadian government announced on Sept. 6 that it will no longer defend Quebec’s asbestos-mining industry, a decision that was based on a campaign promise made by the recently elected Parti Québécois (PQ) government to stop the mining of the carcinogen.