Millennials are facing a job market with more freedom to move While “not being able to hold down a job” would be seen as a character flaw for any Baby Boomer, switching jobs—and even fields—has become commonplace, and even a positive experience for many Millennials. Far from being a simple case of generational itchy feet, …

Move over newlyweds and expecting parents, your not the only ones who get to calls dibs on cool housewarming items anymore. Now students are getting in on the action with the emergence of dorm room gift registries, a service that allows them to map out gift preferences for their first year of university.

According to much of North America’s public policy and even the upper and middle classes’ public perception, poor people or those seeking financial aid are social degenerates who should be treated with nothing but the utmost contempt.

For a millennial, the government’s economy platform is shady Illustration by Tina Wallace This is the fifth article from Stephanie Piamonte in a series that examines why millennials are, or seem to be, disengaged from politics, and whether the problem is our generation, or if it is generational. The first article can be found here, the second article …

Millennials have seen the consequences when peacekeepers do nothing, as in Rwanda. We have seen the breakdown of states along religious and ethnic lines, as in the former Yugoslavia. Perhaps the so-called war on terror has made some of us cynical or hesitant to involve ourselves in trouble and turmoil that seems far removed. But I also see a spirit of optimism and responsibility among millennials that might enable us to take up the challenge for peace that the government has largely avoided.

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