Panda Bowl

The Panda Bowl’s return was nothing short of exciting. The stands were filled, since the event sold out the 4,000-seat capacity by Friday at noon, with more than 800 standing tickets sold in surplus. The game was preceded by a reunion of alumni players from both Carleton University and the University of Ottawa’s football teams, who led the game with an honorary kick-off. The air was full of cheers from both Gee-Gees and Ravens fans.

“Back in those days if you showed up, you played football,” said Joseph Maingot who attended the U of O from 1953–56.

The pandemonium of the Panda Bowl, the Carleton University versus University of Ottawa football rivalry, is upon us. On Oct. 5, it will be raining black raven feathers.

A south sider is a proud sports fan who toughed the dreary weather and poor seating conditions of sitting on the south side of Lansdowne Stadium. They did this not only to be closer to the home team’s bench, but also to have the canal at their back.

Bring your professor a coffee in the morning, because they make you a better student than Carleton professors do. If you see a Gee-Gee on campus, let them know that you appreciate them, or just give them a high-five.

A long-standing tradition held at Lansdowne Park that began in 1955, the Panda Bowl was a rivalry held between the University of Ottawa Gee-Gees and the Carleton Ravens men’s football teams.