panda game

Photo: Serena Sodhi This year’s Panda Game drew a crowd of close to 18,000, however, because of poorly-scheduled midterms, many students couldn’t attend.  There have been displays set up in the campus bookstore, multiple tweets from the official University of Ottawa handle as well as flyers and contests to give away tickets. For certain classes, professors …

Regardless of what games you choose to attend, there are some rules that cannot be ignored: show up, wear the colours, and be loud, bold, proud, and unafraid to get silly.

The Ontario University Athletics preseason rankings have put the Gee-Gees fourth in the conference behind Western, Guelph, and McMaster. There’s plenty of room for the Gees to succeed and make a deep run in the playoffs, and even take a crack at the national championship.

Five seconds left on the clock and your team is down by four points, more than half the field away, during one of the most important rivalry games of Canadian football. Scoring chances are all but gone, waning with every second.

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