Before you pay your tuition fees again, research your options thoroughly, meditate in a quiet place, separate hype from reality, and understand why you are making your educational decisions.

Whenever anyone asks, “What are you going to do after school?” I can now bravely tell them I’m going to be a journalist. (If I’m being 100 per cent honest, though, , I want to be Oprah. Seriously, I’m not joking.)

…while I was on Thought Catalog, an online magazine composed of submissions primarily from twenty-somethings, I came across a post that echoed my sentiments: “Why do we stop growing and experiencing new things as we get older?” While the author had no real answer to provide, the article ,combined with the recent inquisitions about my guitar-playing, got me wondering.

We’re the most educated generation ever, but clearly education doesn’t equate to a profession.

It seems that young adults today are suffering from the Peter Pan Complex. This pop-psychology term alludes to our avoidance of growing up. But our generation’s obsession with youth has transformed into something far beyond Neverland or any childhood tale.

It’s difficult to define our age group by a couple of sentences—especially when most of us are meandering young adults just starting to discover who we really are. But, undeniably, there are a few distinct things about our generation that makes us, well, us.