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Move over newlyweds and expecting parents, your not the only ones who get to calls dibs on cool housewarming items anymore. Now students are getting in on the action with the emergence of dorm room gift registries, a service that allows them to map out gift preferences for their first year of university.

Photos by Rebecca Potter While we were hopelessly lost in a sketchy Montreal neighbourhood, my GPS started re-enacting scenes from The Exorcist. All of the programmable voices yelled directions at me at once while I pulled over my car full of terrified passengers. This was nowhere near a picture-perfect travel moment. It was better. Whenever …

One of the problems lies with the University of Ottawa’s Food Services. Despite admirable attempts to improve, there has been little success in bringing about enough change to campus eating facilities. / There’s a time and place to cultivate your love for cooking, but your first year of university might not be it.

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