The one real hope I have for Emery’s proposed return to politics is that he at least draws more attention to the Conservative government’s ridiculous war on weed.

A conversation with Public Enemy rapper  Photo courtesy of JasonAlanLayne(CC) No one has ever been able to bridge the gap between politics and peace in hip hop the way Public Enemy has. This comes in part from the genius of lead rapper Chuck D, an artist who creates music that delivers political and social messages. The group …

Nation’s liberal and democratic values should be defended  Photo courtesy of Stephen Harper (CC) Canada’s dedication to Israel has come under criticism recently, but I believe we are in the right on this issue. Israel is the only liberal democracy in the Middle East, and Canada should continue to defend its right to exist. Stephen Harper …

Just last month, Prime Minister Stevie Harper revealed he was duped by the comments of an attractive young journalist working for the Ottawa Denizen who described his helmet hair as “particularly fetching and stylish when seen next to Trudeau’s ridiculous curly locks.”

Hundreds of federal science employees, students, and supporters in Canada came together Sept. 16 in protest of the alleged muzzling of scientists by the Harper government that has occurred in recent years.

MP Rob Clarke wants to amend the Indian Act, repeal outdated sections and improve Canada’s relations with it’s First Nations people.

Dr. Marc Garneau, federal Liberal Member of Parliament and prospective leader of the Liberal party, took time out of his campaign to participate in the University of Ottawa science faculty’s lecture series on Feb. 27.

The average university student might believe that their degree will give them an advantage over their competition upon entering the working world. This was true at one point, but in many fields today, a university degree is no longer the advantage; it’s the requirement.

Justin Trudeau’s good looks pose a threat, the infamous Bill C-30 marks the anniversary of its failure, and Senator Patrick Brazeau gets a timeout.

As I looked at one VHS in particular, I began thinking back to the documentaries we watched in class at my old high school, and then a thought struck me: We don’t teach politics enough.

Regardless of political finger-pointing or posturing, the events that transpired in Montreal are a tragedy. No matter how careful we are to tone down our rhetoric or find common ground in the wake of a crisis, there will always be individuals whose motivations we cannot fully understand.

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