Premiere Moisson

Première Moisson

With great power comes great responsibility The saying goes: sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me. Though usually a fan of cheesy sayings, I have to express my contempt for this one. Yeah, sticks and stones hurt — you’ve got me there. However, as a writer myself, I esteem …

Tim Hortons. Starbucks. Café Alt. Première Moisson. All of these establishments sell coffee on campus. But which joint serves up the best cup of joe?

I’ll probably never know if the floppy, shiny, sponge-like substance was egg, tofu, cheese, or something else entirely, but I am sure of one thing: it certainly wasn’t edible, yet a Première Moisson employee handed it to me last Monday morning and took my five dollars in return.

As of Oct. 22, University of Ottawa students and faculty have a brand new place to get a good cup of coffee. The Première Moisson bakery was officially inaugurated on Monday at its location inside the new Faculty of Social Sciences Building.