Deciding where to eat doesn’t have to be hard—here’s where to go and where to avoid. Photo: Rame Abdulkader.
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The Fulcrum reviews five places on campus to eat

With the opening of a new food hall in the University of Ottawa’s Learning Crossroads building, students have more options than ever to grab a bite to eat on campus. The Fulcrum has decided to try out a few of these new and popular venues to let you know which food you might want to try, and which you should probably toss.

Try: Thai Express

If you’re willing to brave a long line and a remorseful wallet, then Thai Express might be one of the first places that you should chow down this year. The restaurant has opened up in the new shared space between the Learning Crossroads building and Lamoureux Hall. The food is tasty, filling, and offers meals for vegans—so, if you’re in the area, it’s definitely a place worth sampling.

Dish you should try: Fried rice

Toss: U of O Dining Hall

The U of O Dining hall has been a staple for a lot of first years’ meals since its opening. However, that doesn’t mean that the food is heavenly. When big crowds of students come in, the quality of food being produced tends to come secondary to the quantity of food. To be fair though, the Dining Hall does offer a fully functional kitchen where students can make their own dishes. So, if you don’t like the taste of those meals—the onus may be on you.

Dish you should toss: Lukewarm pizza

Try: Bac à frites

For a cheaper and, albeit, unhealthier option on campus, you may want to check out the kiosk that lines 90u promenade, the Bac à frites. The menu offers everything you might expect from a classic burger-joint, so you can expect some incredible fried food. Just beware the health consequences—the Bac makes a mean burger that can fill the stomach of even the hungriest ramen-fed student, but you might want to avoid eating there for every meal.

Dish you should try: Cheeseburger Combo

Try: Paramount Fine Foods

This new Lebanese kitchen has opened up beside the Thai Express in the Learning Crossroads building, and offers everything from poutine to shawarma. The food is pretty decent, even though the options on the menu are pretty limited. So if you’re a fan of fries or a decent shawarma, this new restaurant has a few combinations worth trying out.

Dish you should try: Paramount Fries

Toss: Première Moisson

Since the opening of the Faculty of Social Science building in 2012, the Première Moisson has been a convenient place to get a coffee before a late-night class. However, while the coffees are great, the food available isn’t anything worth breaking the bank for. Students can choose between expensive sandwiches made on site or pre-packed meals to go. While both are fine in a pinch, neither is worth the associated price tag.

Dish you should toss: Pricey ham and cheese croissant


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