“I think most engineering students who graduate from school realize that it doesn’t give you any sort of practical experience. It doesn’t set you up well for any design experience at all, which is why internships and clubs like this exist.”

The mysterious circumstances surrounding the death of Sandra Bland, a black woman in custody in a Texas jail, sent shockwaves throughout the United States. The incident is only the latest in a series of deaths of black Americans at the hands of law enforcement officials that has fuelled the Black Lives Matter movement. On  July …

The African-Canadian teen filed a complaint against the Ottawa Police Services, bringing them to the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario. Aiken said the only reason he was pulled over was because he is black—essentially, he believed the police officer in question was profiling him based on his race.

To add insult to injury, Simone was celebrated for her Afro-centric looks and penned songs about racism, and was a major player in the civil rights movement. So why does Hollywood feel the need to “whitewash” her character?