Last month the chairperson of the CRC Program published an open letter on behalf of the program’s steering committee, which urged university presidents in the program to make a “concerted effort to address the under representation of the four designated groups (women, Aboriginal Peoples, persons with disabilities and visible minorities) in nominations for Canada Research Chair positions.”

New photonics research opens the door for faster communications A team of researchers at the University of Ottawa is the first to publish a study showing the first fully reconfigurable photonic integrated signal processor, which was featured in the esteemed journal Nature Photonics. Professor Jianping Yao, university research chair in microwave photonics at the University …

Study looks to prepare astronauts for Mars while improving life on Earth All researchers are told to shoot for the moon, but one University of Ottawa team thinks that isn’t quite far enough. U of O researchers will be working with astronauts at the International Space Station (ISS) to learn about how changes in bone …

A new study by researchers at the University of Ottawa is changing the way doctors look at blood transfusions.

The study compared the recovery rates of two groups of patients, one group given fresh blood and the other given older blood, and found no link between recovery and the age of the blood being transfused.

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