School spirit

Photo: Serena Sodhi This year’s Panda Game drew a crowd of close to 18,000, however, because of poorly-scheduled midterms, many students couldn’t attend.  There have been displays set up in the campus bookstore, multiple tweets from the official University of Ottawa handle as well as flyers and contests to give away tickets. For certain classes, professors …

Following the game, I asked myself, “Why isn’t that school spirit present on our campus?” I then told myself that our passion for the Gee-Gees brand is just as good as ever, it was just an uncommon occurrence.

I would lament to others what a bad job our school did at promoting school spirit and how little unity there was on campus. I wanted U of O to break through my better judgment and inspire a passion within me that no “Hung like a Gee-Gee” T-shirt ever could… I don’t feel that way anymore

But because frosh week targets such a specific group of students, it ends up alienating other groups. And school spirit, which should exist all year round, becomes a manufactured byproduct of frosh—a product with a short shelf life.