It’s not every student that will embark on a 10-year journey to see their idea passed by Parliament, but every student can effect political change right now. Hopefully, some of the lessons Grosman learned on her journey to passing a bill will inform and inspire you to be a driver of real political change—no matter how heavy your class schedule is.

Canada’s government has announced that Huguette Labelle, a former chancellor of the University of Ottawa, will lead the Independent Advisory Board on Senate Appointments, an advisory body that suggests Senate appointments to the prime minister. There are 22 spots that currently need to be filled, and the government has said they intend to fill them …

“I have to admit I was surprised by this honour,” said Bedford. “After all, you guys believe in freedom. I believe in bondage. You like free speech. I gag my clients. You support equality. I preach female superiority. You promote humane treatment of prisoners. I torture mine. But why fuss over details?”

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