One of the best things about this adaptation of the play, and of Shakespeare’s writing in general, is that despite its antiquity it remains fresh in the eye of the beholder. Shakespeare’s writing still seems as relevant today as it was in the 1600s because of Shakespeare’s ability to understand the core of people’s nature and depict it in his complex characterizations, said Gough.

Due to its long and complex history, English seems to have developed a resilience and flexibility that has allowed it to emerge as the most universal language in the world. Its presence on the global stage makes it particularly susceptible to new words and formulations, but this trait also makes it more adaptable and likely to remain a linguistic power.

Local theatre company celebrates 25 years of productions Èva Morin | Fulcrum Contributor FOR THE PAST two decades, Odyssey Theatre has been a summer staple for the Ottawa community. The company’s summer program, aptly named Theatre Under the Stars, uses  Strathcona Park in the Sandy Hill neighbourhood as  centre stage, performing plays in front of an all-ages audience. In celebration of …