And with winter weather comes winter… well, I’d hesitate to call it fashion. Style seems to grind to a halt throughout the winter months, which is unfortunate in a city that’s cold for almost half the year. Fortunately, the Fulcrum has a few tips for you to stay warm without sacrificing style during these next few chilly months.

You could head to school just as you are—in your PJs, bare skin, hair unbrushed, and your classmates would probably hardly notice. Today, however, you’re in the mood to look put together—and with these five easy steps, the Fulcrum will have you looking good and out the door in no time.

The video sparked the idea in Kirton, co-founder of The Balance Project, to create her own clothing line that would be socially responsible and environmentally friendly, while also informing people about ethical problems in the current fashion world. Kirton approached and worked with a group of friends to come up with a plan, and their first line was launched only a few months later.

Student fashion blogger from the Caribbean writes about Ottawa fashion scene  Photo by Inta Klotins With more than 350 hits a day, Ottawa’s Wardrobe blog founder Jayda Ivy showcases student style while she adjusts to the fashion requirements of a Canadian winter. Born in Halifax and raised in the Caribbean, Ivy enrolled at the University …

Alizee Lopez is a third year physics and geology student from Marseilles who describes her style as “French Euro”