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On Oct. 22, the Fulcrum’s Facebook page was unpublished for, allegedly, breaking Facebook’s page policies. Which policies? We couldn’t tell you. Since then, our editor-in-chief has launched two appeals to Facebook, but we still have yet to hear back from the social media giant.

Di Daniels

I’ve been dating a guy for a couple months and it’s been going really well… until he found my ‘hit list’. I know it’s kind of weird, but I keep a list of all the guys I’ve had sex with. Their names, dates, ranking, that kind of stuff. He found it.

“(Looking back at) my first time … (my biggest) regret was not speaking. I thought that all (kinds of) bad things would happen to me—and then the second time that I did it, I found that if you put yourself out there … you’ll get good feedback from it.”

Illustration: Jennifer Vo Scroll down your newsfeed on Facebook and chances are you’ll see political news, a new pumpkin cheesecake recipe, and maybe a meme or two. Social media sites represent some of the largest variety of content from around the web, and along with all the articles come opinions.  With the sheer amount of conflicting …

When your potential employer Googles you someday, what do you want them to see: a locked-down Facebook profile with nothing but your name, or a picture of a dedicated young professional who’s active, engaged, and enthusiastic?

I don’t know if I expected angels to sing, doves to cry, or something special to happen, but the act of logging out was surprisingly anti-climactic. However the four months that followed my social media absence was anything but.

Take one glance at the Gothic architecture of Parliament Hill and it may seem like you have time-travelled back to 1867. The way in which the government conducts business—along with some “elder” members of Parliament (MPs)—may further convince you that this institution is a relic of the past.

#Twitter & Elections Andrew Ikeman | News Editor THIS NOVEMBER, THE citizens of the United States of America will flock to the polling stations to either re-elect their current president or elect a new one. Many people base their vote on how the candidate is portrayed by the media. Since the 2008 U.S. election, one specific social media platform …

WE’VE ALL SEEN it before: A new type of social media comes out, gains popularity, and before you know it we’re all flocking, convinced the new venue will help us to better market ourselves. But then something strange happens. In the midst of writing about yourself in 140 characters or less on Twitter, updating your …

AT ONE POINT or another, most of us dream about making it big. Thanks to the Internet, becoming famous no longer requires theatrical or musical talent—all you need is a laptop, your winning personality, and a knowledge of all things social media. The Fulcrum gives you the low-down on using YouTube, Twitter, and blogging to …

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