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HAS IT EVER amazed you how quickly children seem to recover from injuries? Tumbles and falls are just part of everyday play. But it’s not what it’s like for adults — or grandparents for that matter. Falling or breaking a bone can be a dangerous event, because injuries are not easily healed.

Why is that?

On Saturday, Oct. 13, just over 100 idea-seekers gathered in the Alumni Auditorium to participate in TEDxUOttawa, a conference of ideas.

“What is the point of education if the information is available to all?” – Mark Salter, professor of political science

The problem CYBORGS AREN’T SCIENCE fiction. All around us people with pacemakers, insulin pumps, and prosthetic implants continue to live normal lives because of mechanical and electronic parts within their bodies. It’s not sci-fi; it’s mundane. But that doesn’t mean combining human bodies with technology is scientifically simple. Even relatively straightforward implants need to be …

Environmental focus for project addressing capacity issues THE NEW $112.5-million social sciences building, towering above the University of Ottawa campus, is nearing completion. Funded by federal and provincial governments and the university, the tower addresses capacity problems at the university while implementing sustainable and environmental initiatives. Capacity for social sciences The renovations to the Vanier building and the construction of the building will add …