Letter to the Editor

To the editors and writers at the Fulcrum, After attending the Capital Hoops games on Friday, Feb. 6, and reading some of the reviews and articles about them over the weekend, I must say that I am quite upset and disappointed with the level of attention and importance given to the women’s game in comparison to the men’s. When I …

This year, for the first time, there is a cost of admission for students to all Gee-Gees games. Initially, the fee seems appalling given the low game attendance over the years. One of the things Fulcrum sports reporters have noticed is that compared with other schools, our teams don’t seem to generate the same level of school pride, regardless of how well they’re performing.

Juggling academics, basketball, and fatherhood is not an easy task, but Thomas manages. He says it takes “a lot of focus and a lot of balance,” and that he has to “find a time and place for everything.

“Our top eight on the men’s and women’s are as good as anybody. Now it’s just a question of seeing how the rest of the team stacks up against the best in the OUAs,” he said. “That’s the fun part. We don’t know and we’re going to find out.”

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