In light of recent extreme weather, it is strongly recommended that students keep the following on hand: waterproof bags, rainwear, a canoe or kayak, an emergency generator, at least one week’s worth of non-perishable food, and a collection of inflatable toys that can be lashed together.

“But because of the amounts of people at last week’s meeting we switched to a format of one person going up to the front of the room and complaining into a microphone while the rest of the group had to listen quietly. It really took away the organic feel of weather talk.”

Heat surges cause increase in hydro costs for the U of O Daniel LeRoy | Fulcrum Staff Illustration by Tina Wallace LAST MONTH, CALGARY floods displaced thousands of people, and this past week, Albertan premier Allison Redford released the most recent damage estimate. Across Alberta, the flood damage will exceed $3 billion. On July 8—two …