The Tomato

Could a ghost be responsible for the changes to students’ dorms? Photo: Christine Wang.
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Students notice furniture moved, piles of dishes in dorms

Many students returning to the University of Ottawa following reading week are often relieved to get back to their normal routines of classes, work, and partying. But this year, as students enter their dorms, they seem to be in a state of confusion. After having the week off, many students are noticing that their dorms have changed significantly in their absence.

It started off with one student who returned to find an unusually large pile of dirty dishes in the sink. Other students have noticed that their furniture has been moved, some have reported their beds being shifted across the room or that a pile of clothes they left in the corner has disappeared.

Second-year history student Pauline Bennett even swears that her bathroom has shrunk. “I used to be able to fit four people in my bathroom now I can only have three,” said Bennett. Another student reported that the chairs in his living room have changed from blue to green. Even though some of these outrageous claims have been debunked, many are still left unexplained. Students are searching their rooms, comparing before and after photos to make sure they aren’t imagining everything.

Some students have resorted to researching the architectural blueprints for their buildings just to be absolutely certain that these places have not experienced any significant structural differences. This is largely because many are convinced that beams in the lobby have changed places following reading week. Some are beginning to believe that this is another Mandela effect, or that students have returned to their dorms and ended up in an alternate dimension with slight alterations to buildings and their living space.

Other conspiracy theories have begun to emerge, and no one is certain what exactly has happened. It has gotten so bad that many are beginning to suspect that their residence is home to supernatural beings. Students, such as Ernest Schtumple  are in a rush to find any store selling ghost-repelling equipment and performing seances to try and determine whether they have a new, and hopefully friendly, uninvited guest. No one is certain whether the residents have just been away for too long and forgot the way their dorms looked, or if this is the work of some otherworldly being.

Everyone is at a loss as to what is happening across their beloved campus, but it is strongly recommended that everyone spend some time to take photos of their dorm rooms to prevent this same problem after the winter break. Be sure to take caution just in case it turns out you do have a phantom friend as your new roommate.