The Tomato

Spirit Halloween banner on Nostalgica
Store hours are sundown to sunrise. Image: Hailey Otten/Fulcrum
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Pivik was too ghostly for the store managers

Café Nostalgica, the beloved student cafe known for its charming atmosphere and open mic nights, has been converted into a Spirit Halloween for the upcoming holiday.

The gathering place, which has been closed indefinitely since 2019, now hosts rows of various Halloween costumes and accessories, conveniently located for student access at an affordable price.

Some of the campus-exclusive costumes include ‘Jacques Frémont’, ‘student union commissioner’ and ‘unread syllabus.’ One Halloween fanatic, Hont Edhaus, is very excited about the spooky celebrations.

“[Halloween]’s the only thing getting me through this midterm season,” said Edhaus, who is a fourth-year feminist studies student. “This year I’m going as the devil’s advocate, so I’m borrowing a suit and briefcase from my friend in political science.” 

Di Daniels thinks that the store is a great use of space and was able to find a cheap costume she liked.

“I’m going as a professor, so I’ll be causing a lot of last-minute stress for my friends on Halloween night. Very exciting.”