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Will Smith/Chris Rock meme
Will Smith slapping Chris Rock. Image: Hailey Otten/Fulcrum
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Which Chris…we don’t know either

On Sunday night, the entire world saw Will Smith defend his wife, Jada Pinkett Smith, following a joke by Chris about her recently-shaven head, a result of her having alopecia.

As headlines circled the media, people became divided on whether or not Will Smith was justified in using violence to defend his wife’s honour, as she clearly didn’t find any humour in the joke. We asked U of O students what they thought of the conflict.

“I think it was deserved,” said third-year biology student, Di Daniels, to the Fulcrum. “Just look at what he did to Rihanna.”

“Will Smith was totally out of line,” said second-year social science student, Finley Lee. “No one should go after Captain America like that.”

“I joke about how the Kardashians are all so punchable,” considered fourth-year Telfer student Olivia Oliver. “But I’d never actually punch Kris Jenner.”

Students are torn on two things: if Will Smith’s violence was justified in slapping Chris, and which, of the many, Hollywood Chrises got slapped.