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Sadly Jack O'Lanhturn's lantern wasn't stuffed. Photo: Unsplash/Stock
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Jack O’Lanhturn felt a bit ghosted during Halloweekend

A first-year in residence is disappointed by the lack of trick-or-treating initiative on campus when celebrating his first Halloween at university.

Jack O’Lanhturn, a first-year environmental engineering student was eager to walk around campus with his friend all in costumes. However, much to his dismay, the campus was empty for the majority of the weekend, as everyone celebrated the holiday elsewhere.

“I should’ve known something was weird when I asked my friends to go trick-or-treating and they all just kind of stared at me,” said O’Lanhturn, who was dressed like a university advisory committee (or ghost, in simpler terms).

O’Lanhturn explained he went around to most residences, including Stanton, Thompson, and Henderson, and realized no one was around and there was little candy.

“When I was walking up Henderson [street], I ran into my friends who were heading to a party,” he said. “But we went to four different places and not one of them had a candy bowl.”

Di Daniels, a fourth-year marketing student and community advisor for Henderson, ran into O’Lanhturn and helped to clarify his confusion. 

“I honestly thought he was visiting friends, but then I noticed his bucket,” said Daniels. “Even afterward, he still looked a little deflated so I gave him condoms to make sure he doesn’t procreate into another committee. I didn’t have candy, but they were bubblegum flavoured.”