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A campus group is apologizing for what they call an “oversight on the importance of hydration” after hosting a dry homecoming party.

The Every Week Walkers (EWW) are a new and unregistered club at the O of U which has met weekly since September on organized walks near campus and “aims to promote an anti-street gathering lifestyle.”

EWW was founded by 3rd-year student Gus Falters, who explained the club’s creation as “an agreement with school administration that I can not discuss further than to explain that I ‘flipped out’ at last year’s HOCO.”

EWW’s event was hosted underground near campus where attendees gathered to discuss the dangers of drinking. As to avoid such dangers, no water bottles, cups, or drink containers were permitted at the event.

“All started well,” Falters said in an interview with the Tomato, “but around 3 p.m., people started to get parched, and we had no plans in place for such an issue. We were so focused on drinking being bad that we overlooked hydration. Silly, I know.”

One attendee spoke with the Tomato anonymously to share that “as a first year, I would never consume a sip of burn-y juice in this province, but the fact that EWW somehow forgot that people need water is a colossal fuck up. People need water — seems like common sense to me.”

EWW thanked attendees in a social media post and promised to be better prepared for the realities of hydration at subsequent events.


  • Bridget Coady was the Fulcrum's news editor from spring to fall of 2021. Before that, she was the Fulcrum's staff photographer.