Why October is the best month in Ottawa. Image: Caroline Kirkey/Fulcrum
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Few cities take advantage of the fall like Ottawa. The city’s stunning scenery, ideal temperature and frequent events all contribute to why October is undoubtedly Ottawa’s best month. It’s time to layer up, get out the cozy blankets, and enjoy the seasonal drinks and food.

As far as the seasonal treats go, does anything beat the delicious fall goodies from Three Tarts Ottawa on Bank Street? And don’t get me started on hot chocolate, which yes, can be a fall drink — it’s not just for the winter. Sue me. And if you’re into local markets and vendors, you can’t go wrong with an outdoor stroll in The Byward Market.

October events are also always fun. Not only is the fall in full swing, but it’s the month leading up to Halloween. One of the more popular October events in Ottawa is The Haunted Walk, where tour guides take you on a trip around the city and share some frightening Ottawa stories.

Saunders Farm is my personal favourite fall event in town. This farm hosts a variety of October attractions, including haunted tours, local food vendors, and staged shows. If you go, be sure to try the tractor “tour” ride, where every time the tractor stops, your heart will certainly skip a beat.

If being scared isn’t your cup of tea — no worries! There are plenty of other events happening in October that won’t cause nightmares.

One of the more reliably enjoyable (and free) things to do in Ottawa is sight seeing. Some of the most beautiful places around Ottawa are right around the U of O campus. Major Hill Park is a quick walk from Tabaret, and it offers a full array of beautiful fall colours.

The Rideau Canal is another great spot during the fall. You can bike, walk, and scooter along the canal — just don’t swim in it. If you’re interested in more sightseeing around Ottawa, Little Miss Ottawa is a great page to check out.

The temperature is also ideal this time of year. You can still walk around the city without having to deal with the frostbite you get during Ottawa’s unbearably cold winter. The temperature is just right to make a fashion statement by layering your clothes… like Joey from Friends.

Joey from Friends wearing many clothes.
Friends/Warner Bros

The sun is still out, and before it gets too cold, be sure to take advantage of Ottawa’s October fun. Check out the events, go sight seeing, and try out the seasonal food and drinks. There is plenty to do during Ottawa’s greatest month!